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Yes, if you purchase 5 or more products simultaneously, you will get a discount. If you want to order a bulk of jackets like 100 or 200, you will get a maximum discount. You can request a custom order.

PayPal and credit cards are both payment methods. Our payment method is secured using SSL security service to ensure our customers privacy.

You can visit our size chart to know your exact size according to your measurements. In case you feel any problems regarding your size, you can contact us at or order a custom size using our custom size form.

Yes, you can easily return your jacket within 30 days of delivery because we always want to ensure the satisfaction of our valuable customers. But customized orders are not refundable or exchangeable under any condition.

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It requires 7 to 14 working days to ship your regular order to your given address.

Customized orders are required usually 2 to 3 weeks, and the bespoke orders will be delivered in 4 to 8 weeks.

The Jacket Builder provides the facility of order tracking where you can check the current status of your order. You can visit our track order page and insert your order ID there to check the actual status of your order. In case you missed your order under any circumstances, you can freely ask us at

Our team experts are 24/7 available for your issues. If you receive a defective product, you can immediately contact us our customer care team by following these easy steps:

● Your order number.

● Product name and number.

● The details of the defect along with a picture.

You have to submit your queries about a defect within 3 days after the order delivery. Once your order has been verified, you will get a replacement as soon as possible.

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These are the possible ways your payment has been declined:


● Incorrect phone number or billing address:

While filling out your account details, ensure that you have entered the correct billing address and the required phone number.

● Exceeded card limit:

Another chance of payment decline is the exceeded limit of the credit card. Before placing your order, check your credit card limit and order from a different credit card in such a case.

● Wrong debit/credit card credentials:

Sometimes you enter an incorrect card number, and you need to fill in your details carefully.

● No funds in your PayPal account:

Ensure that the required amount is present in your account as mentioned in your bill payment.

This facility is only for our local customers. The international clients can get free delivery in case of bulk orders. But does not ship to OFAC countries and countries facing wars.

When your order is shipped to your location, why will you send a notification email and a text message to the phone number you provided with the complete order details about your product.

Custom Orders

We provide you with any kind of custom jackets like caption, logos, designs, and many more. All unit to do is to share a clear picture of your design so that we can get a reference along with a small description from your side by clicking the custom order tab.

You are not going to charge for any discussion request or quotation. Feel free to contact our team to fill out your custom order form. We also create an illustration for your custom order. The only charge you have to pay is your actual custom order payment when you buy from us.

We deal in every type of leather made up of animal skin, so you can get your customized order in leather like sheepskin, goatskin, cowhide, lambskin, buffalo hide, and many more. Why deal in exceptional quality leather jackets with over 200 different leather materials distinguished by their type, color, shades pattern, and thickness.

Yes, we deal in many other fabrics like pure wool, polyester, cotton, satin, silk, and other fabrics as per our customer’s needs. Although leather is our core fabric, our manufacturers are experts in making custom orders for every fabric. Do not hesitate if you want to know more about our custom orders from our experts, and leave a message at

Our loyalty to our customers is true. We work day and night to satisfy our customers needs and give our customers the best product as per their expectations. We have mentioned all the details regarding the size, quality, design, and fabric selection:

  • Size: When you request to place a custom order hour, active agents will ask you for every needed detail to fulfill your requirements. You have to corporate with us and give us the accurate size, and we will help you choose the right size measurements for you.
  • Quality: Our foremost duty is to entertain our customers with our best services and qualified letter jackets. You do not have to worry about the quality of the leather stuff we used. Your satisfaction is our priority.
  • Designing: We are ready to make every design you like. We have experienced manufacturers who can make every design of the best quality, and the final pictures of your product will be shared with you before dispatching your order.

You can trust our services because of our experience in making leather jackets is almost 10+ years.

Our priority is to provide you with the best jacket on your custom-based order. There is a zero chance of any defect in your custom design. Before the setting, your order wish will share the actual pictures to satisfy you. In case of any defect from our side, we will do your alteration free of cost. But in case you do not like the product there will be no replacement for the custom orders because it is specially designed for your needs and we make sure every possibility of the perfection of the product.

The minimum time required to fulfill the custom order is 4 to 8 weeks, and your order will be dispatched within 2 weeks of your order. Due to many circumstances, there is no pre-specified commitment for custom orders because many orders require more than a month or two when there is a bulk of orders. You can ask our customer support agents for the delivery date. We do our best to meet the deadline for the product.

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Yes, once the parcel reaches the destination country, the custom and import charges will be applied on the delivery. Every country has its import policy, and you have to pay according to your country’s policies. These charges also apply to wholesale and retail customers.

We are sorry to tell you the exact charges you have to wear because we have no control over the charges because of the different policies and import duties of every country. But we can guide you about these issues, that you should contact your local customs offices and get all the details you want before placing your order.

DHL, FedEx, and UPS are our trading partners. You will be facility by these courier services, which are experts in providing fast shipment and the tracking facility of your order. is always available to respond to your queries promptly. Do not hesitate to ask our customer support experts about your doubts because we are here to provide our customers with the best services and quality products.

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